The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner last year for a gathering of 10 was approximately $50.00.

This seems like a pretty reasonable number for most but certainly not all households. For those households in Sun Prairie that may need help, look no further than our wonderful friends at the Bank of Sun Prairie. Once again this year, the Bank, needing little encouragement from anyone, steps up to cover the costs associated with providing a turkey dinner and all the trimmings to 325 families in Sun Prairie.  Using the $7,000 donation from the Bank and our buying power, the Food Pantry stretches every dollar to provide these meals at less than half the of the average Thanksgiving meal.

In addition to the financial donation from the Bank of Sun Prairie, the Bank employees work behind the scenes to process the applications, send out postcard reminders, assemble Thanksgiving baskets, and ultimately distribute them.

The Bank of Sun Prairie truly cares about our community and we are very thankful for their partnership!


In addition to employees from the Bank of Sun Prairie, students from SPHS National Honor Society joined many Food Pantry volunteers to distribute this year's Thanksgiving food baskets.

The Pantry is thankful to all the volunteers who helped make our Thanksgiving Basket distribution a success!

National Honor Society Students



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Thanksgiving Basket Distribution Day
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