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Click the blue button first to watch the Civil Rights Training video (about 13 minutes long). Once completed, please click the red button to take a quick quiz.

Bonus Content

The videos and other resources below are not required to view — but there is important and interesting information included in all of them, which will come in handy as you volunteer with the pantry. Enjoy!

Food Safety:

Recommended Sites:

Health Contexts:

No one chooses to be food insecure, and food insecurity has wide-ranging consequences, particularly for children. Research is finding intersections between food insecurity, poverty, trauma, and other cultural and health conditions. A few short videos on these concepts can be found here.

Recommended Sites:

Recommended Reading:

Clicking on the scroll will take you to our GoodReads shelf. All of the books recommended tackle the emergency food system, poverty, food justice, and food-related health. Do you have recommendations? Let us know!

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