The Food Pantry is once again recruiting volunteers to work at the Pantry during our open hours. 

Due to COVID, our method of distributing food has changed and we do not allow clients into the Pantry.  This in turn has changed the work of our volunteers.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help fill shifts as Greeters and Shoppers.  We could especially use help on Saturdays, but we are in need for all shifts. The COVID Client Shopping process is easy to follow and you will be given a brief orientation before starting.

Ideally a volunteer should not be over the age of 60.  However, if you are in good health and want to volunteer, we will leave that decision up to you.  All volunteers are now required to do a self-health assessment and temperature check before starting their shift.  Volunteers must wear masks and gloves (available at the Pantry) and maintain appropriate social distances, as well as frequent hand washing/sanitizing procedures.

  The Greeter and Shopper roles are described below:

Greeter:  Two people per shift serve as greeters.  The greeter fills out an information sheet for each client and provides it to the Registrar who enters data into the Registration system.  In adition to working outdoors, the greeter may be required to do some moderate to heavy lifting and works directly with the clients.  Every effort is taken to reduce exposure; however, this position is at a higher risk of exposure to clients than those working indoors.  The greeter is also responsible for taking the groceries out to the client's vehicle for the client to load if they are able.

Shopper:  Three people per shift serve as shoppers.  The shopper is responsible for filling the client's order based on the information collected.  The shopper is on their feet for the entire shift and collecting food which has been rearranged in the Pantry for easier access and efficiency.  The shoppers weigh the cart before handing it off to the greeter.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below.  Please indicate your shift preference(s) by clicking in the box.  Finalize your submission by clicking on the "Submit" button.  A volunteer coordinator will then contact you to further discuss volunteering at the Food Pantry.

Please note that we are currently limiting volunteers to "Age 18 and Over." 

Currently must be 18 or older - confirm above

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